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    We always try to see some kind of transformation in our Patient and their families. Always eager to see them takes some positive steps in their lives in spite of their difficulties. We see that the pain that they go through but cannot fully know the depth of the agony of terminally ill Patients and their families. But we can observe and recognize the change which is visible without any word.

    A good attitude and different response to a situation give us an idea of transformation taking place in the life of people going through physical, emotional and social pain.

    This is the story of a person who is 32 yrs old married man Sanjay ( name changed) having one son and daughter. Sanjay stays 25km away from our center, in the Ucchal block of Gujarat state. He was a good as head of his family. He cared for his loved ones with the hard work of his youth. Everything was going well and he was very happy with his family life and the farming work which he was doing. But one day he realized that there was some kind of irritation under his tongue troubling him but he did not take it very seriously. After one month he realized that the mass had grown. So he went to see the doctor and doctor suggested a biopsy to be done. This is how he got to know that he was suffering from the deadly disease that is cancer. So he went to Surat cancer center where he got operated, underwent radiation and chemotherapy. After treatment, he was well and doing his regular.

    Sadly, he was busy with his work and family responsibilities when he realized that the cancer growth recurred. This time he was extremely sad and scared for his life. Again he went to the hospital where he had been treated the last time. But the doctor told him about palliative chemotherapy because the growth was beyond cure. He became very depressed. He isolated himself would not talking very much to anyone even his close relatives and did not agree to show his wound to his wife or his parents.

    As we got to know about him through our palliative care support group we have started visiting him. The Palliative care team started doing his pain management and dressing. This was the first time after 4 months that his wife saw his wound. Meanwhile, we had explained about how God through Jesus cares for him, loves him and understands his pain and fears.

    Later we saw a peace and calmness in his nature. Even though he could not speak he radiated a positive attitude.  He was no longer complaining about the loss or pain or isolation. We could see a different kind of peace within him. Whenever we visited him we were happy to see the continuity of the love of God in his life. Now Sanjay is ready for his heavenly call.

    How wonderful it would be to be with the Lord, who is the ultimate source of Love and compassion for each person on earth.

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