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    Praise and Prayer 25 July 2017

    Mr Bikram (name changed) was brought to our hospital 8 days ago with cardiogenic shock secondary to a complete heart block/junctional bradycardia from an acute inferior wall MI. On arrival he was disoriented, had an unrecordable blood pressure, and a very low heart rate. His family had tried various home remedies for over 12 hours and finally brought him near arrest. He was admitted to the ICU, given antiplatelets, heparin, thrombolysed with STK,  and supported with oxygen, atropine and dopamine. His shock gradually resolved, and rhythm returned to sinus after three days. He continued to require oxygen for hypoxia from pulmonary edema for five days. As he improved and prepared to go back home (discharged yesterday), we shared the love of God with him and his family. We told him that we believed God had brought him to us with an eternal purpose.  After he listened to the story of God's redeeming grace, he gratefully accepted prayer and the invitation to join the family of  God. Please pray for him and his family as they read the Word and grow in the knowledge of God.

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