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    Transformation Story: Alu

    Alu (name changed) aged 43, lives in village called Gathadi and has two growing children. Alu comes from very poor family. He does not own any land but makes his livelihood on the forests land given by the Govt. for the sustenance of his family. He was brought Chinchpada Christian hospital for treatment. After a thorough check up it was discovered that he was suffering from tuberculosis and was very sick. He was emaciated and extremely sick.

    He was diagnosed to have tuberculosis and was started on treatment after a check up and investigations. He was also counselled about the treatment. His family was very anxious about the social effect of the illness on their standing in the village for which Dr Ashita asked the palliative care team to help. As Palliative care team we visited their home could see their distress and also their impoverished status.

    As Palliative care team started visiting them intervening with their Social, psychological and Spiritual issues. They opened up with their issues of fear and anxiety. Alu shared his life story, his father died when he was child and how painstakingly his mother brought him up, and how he began to work in his early teen age. Sharing his life story brought tears in his eye. His wife also shared the challenges they face in life. He felt much better after sharing his thoughts and anxieties.

    We are continuing to support them in every possible way asking them to eat a healthy diet. He has been very cooperative and after a month of treatment there is a marked improvement in his condition.He has put on weight and started moving helping his wife around the house.

    We can see the healing returning to his body but his soul as well. The family is growing in faith. We can see peace the and joy of the Lord on their faces. They are no longer weak but growing stronger.

    To God be the glory!

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