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    Dharma ( name changed) is a 58 yrs old man staying in a small village  in Navapur block. He suffers with heart failure and Chronic renal failure. Initial stage of his disease he was very sad and depressed, he was admitted in Chinchpada Christian hospital and was referred  to the Palliative care team for further care and support.

    Dharma is a very quiet but pleasing and humble personality. He treats all his visitors with respect, listening carefully to everything being said. He does listen to the advice of a Doctor carefully and try to do the same at his level.

    He has two married daughters . Both the daughters and their husbands stay in the same house. His son in laws' are good people, looking after his farm very well when Dharma was sick and not able to work the fields.

    The family is very supportive and caring, but Dharma worries about the future of his family. He speaks in whispers about the limited time he has left. We can see the daily struggle he has with depression and worry about the coming days.

    We continue to visit him regularly and try and encourage him to live life as it comes. We now see some changes in Dharma. He has started going to market and  helping in his field with his two young son in laws. His wife also now looking hopeful because of his positive response. If we look at him today, he is no longer a sad patient, but has helped cultivate his farm and grown rice, maize and cotton in his fields. He is very happy. He has continues to have health issues but is very involved with his family and work.

    Dharma now enjoys fellowship with some friends and a church he has found nearby. This has really inspired him and given him hope.

    The faces of his family exhibit more hope and less worry. They are very happy when we visit and are most hospitable. Dharma and his wife spend a lot of time talking to us about their day and share their concerns, after which we join in prayer for the family.

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