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    Employee of the month

    February, 2019

    Yogesh Jawaharlal Gavit is the employee of the month. He joined the institution in November 2017. He is true multitasker in the hospital. Billing, registration, Data entry for typhoid study are some of his official duties. Ever since he has joined the hospital Yogesh has proven himself to be a very sincere, hardworking and reliable person.

    Getting to have a chat with him during hospital hours is a difficult job indeed. Finally over a lunch break he agrees to have a talk. He immediately replies that honesty is the first quality that stands out about the work he does here. He used to work for a private bank previously and recalls how they used to blatantly lie to attract customers. But here work is Bible based and truthful. There is no scope for fabrication of the truth.

    Asked about his spiritual life, he gives credit to the work at the hospital as a major boost for him and his family in faith. Though the salary is less than what he used to earn  before, he has no regrets. “ I am able to sleep in peace. My money is hard earned.” His extended family now have a closer walk with God and the relationships at home and immediate society have seen a change according to Yogesh.

    Yogesh and his wife Kusum were blessed with a baby girl a year ago and they are about to host her first birthday very soon. He becomes emotional and testifies God’s goodness during this phase of new parenthood.

    “Work here is like working with family. There is a very vibrant work culture I have never seen before,” opines Yogesh. When asked about giving a message to others considering missions, he says “ working in missions improves your spiritual life and family dynamics. We are greatly blessed by joining hands with fellow brothers for expanding God’s kingdom. I may get better opportunities outside. But I am not leaving.” A call from hospital registration ends our chat.

    As Yogesh works sincerely in multiple areas of the hospital, we pray that God would give him strength, wisdom and his family abundant blessings.

    APRIL, 2018

    Mr Daniel Kautikkar and his wife Mrs. Yerusha Daniel Kautikkar are the employees of the month. They have been working in the palliative care team from January 2016. Mr. Daniel has finished MSW and was working with HIV/AIDS patients before joining Chinchpada.

    Mr. Daniel was about to leave for the field visit when he was contacted for an idea of what he basically does. Reticent and soft spoken he sat down and began explaining about palliative care and its challenges.

    Palliative care in tribal India poses an entirely different set of challenges compared to the cities. The awareness levels among the community are low. Once diagnosed with cancer, patients are mostly left to fend for themselves and as a result, they die very soon. The care which people suffering from cancer and other terminal maladies get is appallingly poor. So naturally this was the area where He and His wife Yerusha wanted to make a difference. 

    When asked if he likes this job, where there is death all around, Daniel responds immediately that he is very satisfied with this work that can care for the most neglected in the society. Most patients on their death bed, ponder on life’s bigger questions. Daniel and Yerusha’s good news about Jesus makes many of them accept reality and pass away in peace. ‘We may not do much in the physical front but we can save their souls by being with them and the families during the last days.’, says Daniel, as Yerusha nods in agreement.

    Yerusha who is a nurse herself feels very passionate about the palliative care programme. She got trained in Srirampur and worked in Hinduja hospital before joining Chinchpada. She notes that palliative care is not everyones’ cup of tea. There are days when the couple come home tired and even have nightmares about death and cancers. ‘People need to be committed to the cause of the dying and must be prepared to work in difficult situations.’, says Yerusha.

    The couple who are the backbone of CCH palliative programme believe that the work has a huge potential. They believe only likeminded people sharing the same burdens can bring impact and change.

    Daniel and Yerusha are blessed with Abiel Kautikkar who is 3 years old. He is happy with his friends on campus and spends time with them in Creche when his parents are away to serve the needy. “ Mission work is not full of comforts. Staying away from parents, in places where schooling for kids is difficult and dealing with people who always don’t think alike are some challenges. But God gives grace as we work for Him”, says Daniel when asked about challenges of working in a place like Chinchpada.

    MARCH, 2018

    Lalrinawmi is the employee of the month for March 2018. She is a native of Kolasib, Mizoram. She is our staff nurse who has joined the institution in January 2017. She works mainly in ICU and operation theatre. “Rom” as she is called, did her nursing training from Burrows memorial hospital, Alipore.

    She was inspired to be a nurse from her mom who also is a nurse. She is known in the hospital for her dynamism and being on her toes in the ICU. Her supervisors note that ward and ICU are better taken care of when Rom is on duty. She has a great desire to learn and so has been taken into the OT team where she is ably assisting Dr. Deepak, the surgeon.

    When asked what inspires her to work and give her best, she attributes it to her faith in Christ and also the working environment leaders have created for her. Moving from Mizoram to Maharashtra has not been easy. Away from family, with different food and people have been her challenges initially. Now she is very much a part of the Chinchpada family.

    She feels that all the staff here are mission oriented and the services offered are of high quality for the same reason. When asked to leave any message to the younger brigade who are contemplating missionary service, she notes like many other employees of CCH, that there is immense satisfaction, working in remote places, serving the poorest of the poor which in turn is serving Christ Himself. Money, facilities and the perceived comforts of city life pale in comparison to the peace and a sense of deep purpose, working for the poor gives.

    We wish “Rom”, all the best in all her endeavours and pray for the choicest of blessings upon her and her family.


     FEBRUARY, 2018

    Mr. Sunil our Lab technician is the employee of the month. He has been working with Chinchpada Christian hospital since 2006. He was trained in Aurangabad before joining us. He is the sole Lab technician with us and so he is on call 24/7.

    One of the outstanding qualities Mr. Sunil possesses is his passion for the work. Not only does he do his work efficiently, he comes back asking for any more investigations that may help in making a diagnosis. Reserved and introvert by nature, he takes time to build a relationship with others. But once familiar, he is a very good approachable friend of all the staff.

    When asked why he chose to work in a place like this away from his native place with not so many benefits, he answers without any iota of dilemma- “It may be true that the world looks at us as people making foolish decisions. But we are very rich in the sight of God. People who work in missions may have little money. But they are happier than others. My friends who trained with me still call me and ask to join them. But I am sure that this is the place God asks me and my family to be. So no regrets!”

    Sunil recollects an incident few years ago when God saved him from a major disaster in a road accident. Though he was born in a Christian family, his faith in God was renewed through that episode. He now believes God has a plan for him.

    His message for the youth is that living for God is worth it and inspite of seeming superficial difficulties, the peace of God is indescribable.

    Mr.Sunil is ably supported by his wife Latisha and they are blessed with a son Sankalp. Please pray for their family as they continue to serve God in this area.


    OCTOBER, 2017

    Gangabai Vasave is the employee of the month. She is a native of Chinchpada village. She joined the institution in the year 1994 when Dr.Larry Jacob was the medical superintendent. She works in the Outpatient department.

    She came to know Jesus after she got married. After her wedding, she was given the biographies of Pandita Ramabai and Sadhu Sundar Singh. Those books were instrumental in coming to Christ. The hospital has been a place of many memories for her. When asked about her story, Gangabai inspires everyone with her testimony of her many struggles after believing in Jesus. She joined the place for a salary of only 250 rupees. Even though she received jobs with better monetary benefits, she believed that God was at work in this place and joining hands with Him was a privilege.

    She had 3 children one of whom died due to sickle cell disease. Her voice chokes with emotion as she recollects those times and how the hospital community helped her family cope through the tragedy. She also lost her husband to illness about 5 years ago. She has a daughter Rachana, who also works in the registration department and a son, who works in the village.

    Outpatient department has been her forte for years now. On any day we hear doctors and staff calling her name many times for help. She is an avid translator for doctors and collects excellent relevant history from patients making work easy for clinicians.
    When asked to leave a message for the next generation Gangabai emphatically states –“working for God is an honor. There are people who are in need all around us. It is our job as Christians to take care of them. God has blessed us immensely in these 23 years of work here. There were difficulties but the joy of serving the Lord was always there. We have just finished building our house. It is a blessing from God.”

    Well, a house built on solid ground will stand. We know  the “Rock” on whom her house and her life stands!. Chinchpada Christian hospital thanks Gangabai Vasave for the many years of work and experiences. We pray God will guide her in all her future endeavours.


    SEPTEMBER, 2017

    Mr. Shersingh is our hospital attendant. He has been working in Chinchpada Christian hospital from the year 2000. He is a native of Chinchpada village. His wife Lakshmi also works in the hospital. They are blessed with 3 kids.  Two of them are working in the village. All the family has put their faith in Jesus.

    Shersingh recalls a life transforming event that occurred 3 years ago when he was bed ridden for months and how His faith in the Lord was renewed and strengthened through the whole episode. He shares how the community had helped them through, during the times of crisis.

    He is very glad that he works in Chinchpada Christian hospital. He believes that he is part of something big, the Kingdom of God. “Working with children of God encourages me. I feel good working here,” says Shersingh who is a man of few words.

    There are few challenges for him at workplace for which he sought our prayers. He feels a bit overworked as there is none else to share his work. He requests prayers so that he may continue to be useful in the Kingdom of God.

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