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    Palliative Care Services

    Palliative Care services were started by the Chinchpada Christian Hospital in April 2016 for patients with cancer, PLHA, neurological disorders, organ failure and terminally ill patients in the region, striving to improve quality of life for such patients. The Palliative care team is headed by Dr Ashita Singh, MD, MA. She is ably joined by Mr Daniel kautikkar and Mrs Yerusha Kautikkar. 

    The initial challenges faced as a Palliative care team were language, culture, and transportation. Creating and fostering an effective team was one of the greatest challenges. It took a long time to develop trust with the patients and family members to make an effective care plan. The elderly patients are often unwilling to acknowledge their disease/diagnosis; because they believe it is a normal symptom of aging. There are multidimensional challenges to effective palliative care apart from the illness such as lack of family support, relationship issues, alcoholism, poverty, superstitious beliefs and practices, a mistrust of modern medicine, and a preference for futile alternative treatments. Accessing tertiary level care was very difficult.

    Training programmes have helped to equip us with ways towards effective care. The team started sharing information and worked interdependently. Roles and responsibilities were shared. A timely response to patients’ needs and crises was possible. Opportunity for caring consultation and collaboration offered great benefits to the patients. Team work helped with the evolution of new approaches to patient care in broader contexts. Support systems through churches, volunteers and NGOs are being developed. The involvement of village leaders is encouraged.

    ( Image updated on 07-02-2018) Recently a support group meeting was held with several of patients enlisted for palliative care. 
    This was well received. Many of the people present shared their experience being part of the programme and how it has helped them 

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